Donald Trump is President: Black, American, Abroad.


I haven’t slept in 2 days. I called out of work today. My lymph nodes are swollen. My eyes feel heavy from holding so many tears. I tried to let them go. I called my best friend in America. We cried together. We wore Black in mourning. I walked out into Germany, she only miles from Washington, D.C… where Donald Trump will soon be moving in. As president.

It’s really happened. The day really came and took a piece of humanity with it. The first domino was Brexit, and everyone knows that what happens in America spreads like wildfire across the globe. The far right is gaining foothold across Europe, and has been given a seat in the Oval Office in America. Yesterday we entered another era. An era where Donald Trump is president of the United States and the West follows suit. (Please read here).

My heart.

We wear Black when we are mourning, but we cannot take off Black skin. So we embrace the mourning and transform it. As our ancestors have done for hundreds of years, we will mourn, and

We will resist.

I made this video of my thoughts. I want my siblings across the Diaspora to know that I love you all. We matter. And we’re only going to get louder.

x newbz

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