How to Get Raven Symone off The View

When we live in a society where race is still very much determined by the one-drop rule, we mixed-Black people are indeed Black, but we are also having a nuanced Black experience that must be acknowledged. This includes the recognition of our history as coons propped up to spew out white supremacist ideology in black face. And it is in this understanding that we should approach a microphone only with the intent of amplifying the voices of our siblings when it comes to their experiences.

Raven’s not doing that.

Right now media is setting Raven up as a “representative Black voice” when, in fact, Raven, like Don Lemon, is mixed-Black… and totally cozy playing the historical white supremacist role.

Obviously what you say has less to do with your physical skin color and more to do with your mental de/colonization.. which is a journey… that Raven should really begin.

So I’m done with her. And I’m done with Don Lemon too. I’m done with all these mixed-Black people thrown on tv to “represent the Black community” even though they honestly don’t know shit(!), and instead of listening to their siblings, they snatch that microphone and speak with authority on Black issues…that, again, they don’t know shit about! Like what?

From Raven’s comments on being African American (that she’s not) to her advocacy of name-discrimination… From proclaiming that Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be put on the $20 bill because its “repeating the history of hating other cultures” (how does that even make sense, Raven???) to her latest… undermining the severity of the #AssaultAtSpringValley with “You are at school — Get off your phone!”, Raven has proven how desperately she needs to take a serious break from talking and go grab a seat in a Self-Hate Detox program and then head off to enroll into an Intersectional Black American Politics course. Gazi said she still hasn’t graduated… so this could be a real possibility.

In the meantime, other than in a rerun of Cheetah Girls, I don’t want to see Raven on tv anymore.

Her media privileges need to be suspended. And her voice on The View? Absolutely revoked.
I don’t want to see Raven Symone anywhere in media again until she understands that her ONLY position in the Black community is to amplify Black voices, and/or speak about mixed-Black issues from a People’s Perspective.

And after months of frustration, it’s finally, finally happened! This morning I woke up to a tweet that filled me with excitement:

Yes, Blavity! I am tired of hearing about the painfully racist things Raven Symone says on national television and I’m also even more tired of how corporate media continues to prop coons up based on the “credibility” of their one-drop skin and act like those opinions are representative of the entire Black community. Yes, Blavity! I would like to do something about it! Yes! Yes! Yes!

So, I signed the petition, and if you’re sick of it, why not sign too!

Don Lemon, we comin for you next. (His petition got 33,000 signatures in 3 days. lolz)

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