Call the Police! #AssaultAtSpringValley

Hi everyone,
Many of us know about the #AssaultAtSpringValley High School on Monday in South Carolina. These videos keep surfacing, and violence against Black People continues to be exposed.
So what can WE do?
That’s often a question that we feel cannot be answered and it leaves us feeling resentment and hopelessness.
But there is actually a lot we can do. We DO have power. That power lies in our voices.
A few months ago when South Carolina kept the Confederate Flag raised high even after Dylan Roof committed that heinous terrorist attack that killed nine Black churchgoers, we used our voices to call on the SC governor to remove that symbol of racism from the Capitol lawn.
I called the governor’s office and spoke directly with the secretary.
It was a fight, and it wasn’t instantaneous, but that flag was taken down. And now Ole Miss, a university who just two years ago had students who wrapped a noose around the neck of a statue commemorating the first Black student to attend, has students who just voted on removing the Confederate Flag from their campus.
Did the racist students from Ole Miss disappear? Of course not.. But those who stand for justice are exercising their voices, and finding that a little volume can do wonders!
A few months ago in Mckinney Texas, a white police officer horribly violated a 14 year old Black girl. Remember that video? Well, the community used their voices and called that officer to be fired. He was.
My point is, your voice is your greatest weapon. A 5 minute phone call to a school or police department to voice your demands can make the difference of that change actualizing… or not.
We all should want justice for that young girl at Spring Valley High School, and today I’m telling you how you can be directly involved in bringing about that change.
I have attached the Sheriff Office’s phone number as well as the number to the Spring Valley High School.
I have just called both to demand that Officer Ben Fields be fired and that the police department press charges on him. I have also called for both the police department and the school to invest in educating officers and teachers on the way racism has manifested into the School-to-Prison Pipeline and on programs focusing on peaceful de-escalation tactics [until we can abolish the police altogether].
Silence is compliance. And I stand for justice.
Do you?

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