To All the People Bleeding from Your Vaginas Right Now

Ladies and Feminists and all in between and beyond who are bleeding right now,

Today I got my period.

It started right as the night turned to morning, and all I could think is: I’ve jinxed myself.

You see, yesterday while at school (I work at a school), I could feel my uterus churning and my vagina begin to ache. I said to one of my colleagues next to me (Christine), “Uh-oh. I think my period is going to come tonight. Crap! Knowing me, I’ll get my period tonight, and be on Day 2 for Pool Day.” (We take the kids to the pool on Thursday and we’re required to get in with them).
“Ugh!” She lamented with me, “Yeah I was praying I wouldn’t get my period right before we take the kids to the pool. Thankfully I got mine a few days ago.”
“Great! So then it’s really not helping that I’m standing right next to you.”
We laughed. That laugh of sisterhood knowledge.

Yes, it’s true. Women’s period cycles synchronize when they’re around one another.
Disclaimer: While looking for a “scientific” article to support this statement, I found a little controversy. What I take away is this: A woman named Martha McClintock published a revolutionary paper about this back in the 1972, and (cough cough *male*) scientists have been trying to disprove it since. As of now the scientific community is “split” (lmao *insert sarcastic confusion here*), but from my experience, and every woman I’ve ever known, our periods have synced with other women’s periods since we began menstruating. Buzzfeed actually made a pretty good video summing the above up in a more informative, and much more funny way.

Continuing – so yeah, I got my period in the middle of the night, and today at school, I bled soo much and told Christine all about how my prophecy came true, then excused myself to the bathroom. As I passed my boss, she said to me, “You don’t look okay. Are you feeling sick?”
“No, I’m just on my period.”
“Oh my god!” She said, “Jessica and I are on our periods too. We’ve got to stop this! We’ve synched!” And we laughed just as heartily as Christine and I had the day before, that bonding-over-our-synched-periods laugh.

Fast forward a few hours, and here I am: Sitting on a nice leather couch in a house that doesn’t belong to me, because I’m babysitting two kids who throw a fit every time I come over here (fuggit, travel girl needs the extra cash). I’ve got a period headache and I’ve just changed into my final pad. It’s almost 11pm so I’ve officially worked a 16 hour day in a country that’s currently 35°c with no air-conditioning — all while gushing blood from my vagina.

I’m exhausted.

The kids have been sleeping for almost four hours, and I’ve been passing the time by reading articles on Bill Cosby, education indoctrination, colorism, and the feminist issues of mass incarceration while alternating between social media networks. I just refreshed Facebook for the 12th time, and there it is, the gem you don’t know you’re looking for, but keep signing in hoping to see.

After every other thought that’s entered my head today being something along the lines of, “God, I hate my period”, one of my girlfriends posted a video of poet Dominique Christina going all out on the power of our periods. For more than six minutes, I shivered in goosebumps from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, my blood-draining gut filled with visceral empowerment.

It’s incredible that female menstruation cycles synchronize, but so much more incredible that despite the social stigma (thanks patriarchy) we feel united because of this. Dominique Christina says it’s the blood. And I get it. As different as we are (my co-workers are white Texans), we can harmonize in one aspect of our lives, and not just any aspect, but the most socially intimate biological function a female body has besides… maybe birthing? It’s empowering. Like, if our bodies can NATURALLY sync, what can’t we do? What can’t we solve?

I messaged my friend who posted the video. She’s across the Atlantic ocean, and 6 hours behind me. “Are you on your period?”
“I’m going to start today or tomorrow. Are you?”

Yes. I’m bleeding right now. And even though I bled through my pants and had to leave work early today, even though I’ve got one of those behind-the-eye period headaches right now, even though I’m so bloated my boyfriend told me it was “amazing”, I’m happy to have this body that bleeds from this glorious vagina for seven days of every month.

Yes, my vagina is bleeding right now, and thank you Dominique Christina for reminding me why I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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